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Trademark lawyer – Amazon troubles

Posted by on Mar 3, 2016 in Business Attorney | Comments Off on Trademark lawyer – Amazon troubles

You’ve probably heard of Amazon before. You know it’s a large company that sells almost anything but what you probably don’t know is that they are having a lot of trouble with their employer – employee situation to be precise.

Apparently, Amazon’s workers have made a website in order to review Amazon’s work environment. The website is built solely due to a Amazon11-kCjG--621x414@LiveMintnegative influence the upper management has towards their employees.
The number of people who have worked or are working for Amazon exceeds 200 thousand people and since a small portion of that number is standing up to how things are done, the Amazon employers are choosing to disregard the issue. The only problem with disregarding the issue is that the number of people complaining is growing by the day. It has now reached a significant amount of people and they are demanding to be heard.Find more information at  atlanta real estate lawyers.

So what’s the problem with the situation going on at Amazon? According to currently employed and former employees of Amazon, the treatment they receive from managers is unbearable. They can’t do anything about it and since there are a lot of people working, they can easily be replaced. When they go to human resources in order to get some kind of protection from the harassment the human resources are trying harder to shut them up than to help them with their problem.

Since the group of unsatisfied workers grew bigger, one of the five founding members decided to make Amazon hear them. Their demands are simple and they said if they don’t meet them, they will remake Amazon by themselves. They said that their goal is to create a situation where Amazon workers will be treated fairly and if Amazon does not meet this demand, they are prepared to hire a trademark lawyer and pursue them legally.banner-2

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Yahoo shutting down its content?

Posted by on Mar 3, 2016 in Business Attorney | Comments Off on Yahoo shutting down its content?

There has been a lot of commotion about what’s going on at Yahoo, but did you know that they are shutting down a few of their vertical content sites? Apparently, these sites are Yahoo Health, Yahoo Food and also Yahoo autos.
This was stated by the company on the last Wednesday, on February the 17th.
One thing that is different from other reports in the past is that, despite all the talk, Yahoo tech won’t be closed. Yahoo tech won’t be closed, but it will rather be incorporated into a larger website.
The idea behind these contents which are about to be closed was to attract more visitors, but despite all the effort Marissa Mayer, the CEO, put in, they are being shut down.Vara-Mayer-Yahoo-1200

Another change that comes to Yahoo company is the resignation of Yahoo’s tech editor, Dan Tynan. Tynan also stated that the internal issues also played a big role in his decision to leave. But he also wrote that despite everything, they have still made a lot of smart, funny and original coverage while also stating that he couldn’t be more prouder.

Further changes include David Pogue, who is a former tech columnist for New York Times. He is going to stay with the company but will move to broader news vertical.
A person who will also leave the company is Bobby Brown, Yahoo’s beauty editor.

Even though Yahoo has made astonishing plans for their future in 2013, with 1451970795525a lot of different aspects to cover, they have decided to cut a lot of them off. They also hired a lot of startup writers, including Pogue, but their plan seems not to be working as imagined. They are about to cut even more of their workforce, up to 15 percent and their Yahoo Labs as well.

orange county will and trust attorney stated that if you are holding shares in Yahoo company and get laid off, maybe you shouldn’t cash them in right away. Instead you could arrange a meeting and leave a will for your children, or even your grandchildren as a fund for university once they grow up.

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Daytona beach business attorney – too high taxes?

Posted by on Mar 3, 2016 in Business Attorney | Comments Off on Daytona beach business attorney – too high taxes?

If you’re like everyone else, you probably don’t like when people take money from you.
bigstock-Business-handshake-42882412-300x198 Taxes not theft, but when you look closely at some of the countries we are soon going to write about, you can’t help but wonder. Sure, you can understand that in order to function a government has to get money from its people, but 50 percent or more just taxseems crazy. If you thought there can’t be a lot of those countries with over 50% tax rate, you’re wrong. The number of countries with the tax rate over fifty percent is 27.

Before we continue, we would like to explain first how taxes work. This amount of 50 percent or more is basically a sum of 5 different taxes. Without further detailing, just to clarify, all of these taxes aren’t directed to the employee but rather to corporations and companies, so if you’re a simple working man, these probably don’t affect you that much.

To start from the lowest to highest tax rates of over fifty percent – the first country is Japan with the tax rate of 51.3 percent. You probably would never guess that Japan would be on this list, knowing that they have one of the best economies in the world.

We also have France on the 9th place with the tax rate of 66.6 percent. Their government has made a promise to fix the current situation since they are the first in Europe tax wise. The highest tax paying country on the list is Argentina with an astonishing 137.3 percent.

If you’re residing in Florida and have plans to open a business, daytona beach business attorney might help you out with your taxes and inform you about everything you need to know, they have a good reputation when it comes to these kinds of things.

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